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First Night at White Pocket | by “Summit42 on Flickr”


Paying to rough it, Susan and John Johnson came to Alaska after homestead and other free land had run out. They bought eight expensive acres of wilderness with a view, tenting while they built a small, handsome log house with no modern conveniences.
National Geographic - June, 1975

Janis Joplin

Sneak peek of yesterday’s @irishlatinalabel session. Shot on the mighty #pentax. This sexy girl gang will cut you. @lunalovebad @mynxiiwhite @annaestellahair w/CASPER! @sean_is_rad #skidrow #porvida #irishlatina #caseycurry #pentax645d #pentaxians (at CurryLand Studio)

@jtidwell killing it with my bike. Shot on the #pentax645d #pentaxians #mediumformat #vintagehonda #caferacer @caferacerxxx #cb500
What are 3 things you think every man should carry on him?


  1. pocket knife
  2. cell phone
  3. a fucking clue! (be informed guys, read a paper. Read a book! Listen to the news and form an opinion!)

Off the top of my head. 

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